1. Classified

    If you are using Tradetack.com for classified of goods and services please follow the simple steps below:

    1.Firstly,register if you have not registered before,just click on register link above and register to rent your free online shop;remember all field are required except personal number which is optional. See Images Below:

    2.After your registration is completed,you can now signin.Click on signin link above the page and then signin to your free online shop.In this case you are ready to trade on tradetack.com; See Images Below:

    3.Once you have signed in,you would be welcome to the public market where you would be able to see what people have for sale.here you would be able to make an inquiries of peoples items in image 1 below.to buy or make enquiries on people items,just click on "Click & Trade Item" on the item you want and then on " Bid for this item now".See second image below:

    4.Add your own item please locate "Add item" click it as in image 1, then add your item including your description about the item you want to sell as in image 2,then submit remember for accurate submission,no field should be left blank.Then wait for admin approval this could take from the present hour to about 48 hours.Once its been approved it will arrived your shop immediately.

    5.Once its been approved,it will be in your "My Shop" to let people see what you have for sale in the public market,you have to place it for public sale by locate and clicking on "My Shop" as in image 1,then click on "sale this item now" and finally, click on "continue here" as in image 2 below to complete your public sale.By this time people will be able to see what you have for sale and contact you if they need it.

    6.In your
    (a) - "Pendding" are those item that is yet to be approve by admin.
    (b) - "Reported Items" are those items other user report to the system admin if there is a something wrong with your post

    TRADE PANEL - "Offer Received" are those items other users are asking you if you have in your shop or sale.If this items are available in your shop,click on "Accept Offer".But if the items are not available again in your store or shop,please click on "Declined Offer".Foremost,Delete the item if you can't suply it at that moment by clicking on "Delete Offer".

  2. How to use our booking center ?

    CONCERT PANEL.We provide "Concert" for you to be able to know all the available concert around you.See your favourite musician playing at an event and other entertainer and where they are going to make peoples' day.You can add to tradetack.com a concert you know its going to hold soon and the entertainer who would present at the concert.To add any concert,please click on "Add+ New" as in image 1 below,then click on "post concert" as in image 2 below

    CINEMA PANEL.We provide "Concert" for your home and outing enjoyment.Bringing you near all kind of live play,viewing centres National theatre events and all the ongoing TV shows and series.You can add your favourite movies,play,series to tradetack.com.Just click on "Add+ New" as in image 1 above in Concert then click on "Post Cinema" as image 2